Welcome to Flipped - the Irish Animation Podcast.

We're two people working in away in the Irish animation industry. We thought it was about time that this industry had its own podcast - so here we are! Let us know what you think flippedpodcast(at)gmail.com

The aims of the podcast are

  • to air the stories and experiences of the wonderful people in the Animation industry, particularly (though not exclusively) those working or studying in Ireland.
  • to some way help to bridge the gap between being a student, or an outsider to the Irish Animation and Games industries and working within them.
  • to give insight into what jobs are out there and what is involved, so there’s a little more knowledge to help you hone your skills, redefine your portfolio and get excited about what’s happening in Ireland.
  • to spread the Nerd Word regarding Animation and hopefully a nice helping of inspiration from those who are interviewed

The plan is to have a new episode for you every month.  We hope you enjoy them

Megan & Aidan

About Megan


Megan is an aspiring animation artist and self confessed Animation Nut. She current works in production for Brown Bag Films in Dublin and tweets @themegbar

About Aidan

blue_me.jpg Aidan is an Academy Award watching director and animator.  He currently works as Episode Director at Kavaleer Productions.Aidan enjoys marmite, moonlight and musical works of William Shatner. He tweets @aidanmcateer