January 20, 2013 @ 10:23 am

Flipped Podcast #1: Andrew Kavanagh

Welcome to the very first episode of Flipped - the Irish Animation Podcast!

We are delighted to announce that our first interview is with Kavaleer CEO and founder Andrew Kavanagh.  Enjoy

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Podcast Contents

Intro -  0:01

Interview Starts  - Early Work - 1:55

From An Evil Cradling - 9:50

The Milliner - 17:38

The Depository - 24:21

Hasan Everywhere - 31:59

Kavaleer - Early work as a company - 41:59

Garth & Bev - 48:33

Wildernuts - 51:14

The interactive side of Kavaleer - 55:54

The Irish animation Industry - 1:02:18

Outro - 1:08:12

Flipped was produced by Aidan McAteer & Megan McMahon, edited by Aidan McAteer and featured music from www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com

Kavaleer Shows

Watch "Garth & Bev"  - In Ireland (RTE) In the UK (BBC) In Australia (BBC)

Watch "Abadas" - In Ireland (RTE) In the UK (BBC)

Watch out for - Wildernuts in september 2013 (Get a sneak peek here)

Andrew's Short Films

Watch "from An Evil Cradling"

Watch "The Milliner"

Watch "The Depository"

Watch "Hasan Everywhere"

For more information on Kavaleer, visit kavaleer.com/

We hope you enjoy the podcast - let us know what you think at flippedpodcast(at)gmail.com