October 17, 2014 @ 4:51 pm

Flipped Podcast #11: Aidan Hickey

Welcome to Episode 11 of Flipped with Aidan Hickey - animator, writer, director, teacher and painter. 

Aidan began working in animation in the mid-seventies for RTE and his works forms the bedrock of the Irish animation industry.  He had made several award-winning short films, written and produced many hours of children's television and also written several feature length projects. Until recently served as Ireland's representative on the European animation body, Cartoon.


Podcast Contents

00:00:00 - Intro

00:00:47 - Podcast Starts

00:02:00 - Transitioning from Painting to Film

00:02:45 - Hornsey College of art in London

00:05:00 - Meeting with Éamon de Buitléir

00:06:30 - First Series for RTE

00:08:39 - Writing and Story Development

00:08:50 - Process for RTE

00:10:20 - McSpuds,Bosco and Beyond!

00:13:00 - Painting comes in handy when...

00:17:08 - RTE process

00:28:36 - Annecy

00:29:00 - An Inside Job

00:34:00 - CARTOON and Jimmy Murikami

00:37:00 - Standardising

00:39:00 - Seven Deadly Sins and overseas collaboration

00:45:00 - the 90's

00:47:00 - Writing

00:53:00 -  Screen Training Ireland

00:58:00 - Bob Godfrey and John Hallas

01:00:00 - Brown Bag

01:03:00 - The Boy Who Had No Story

01:10:00 - Dermot and Gráinne feature treatment

01:16:00 - Jimmy Murikami

01:23:00 - End of Cartoon involvement

01:25:00 - Painting and Green Acres Gallery


Animation Art Show


Green Acres Gallery


Screen Training Ireland


"Däumelinchen" by Lotte Reiniger 


Bosco animated

An Inside Job, 1987

The Boy Who Had No Story, 2003

Really huge thanks to Aidan for taking the time to talk to us.

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