January 4, 2015 @ 12:48 pm

Flipped Podcast #12: Damien O’Connor

Welcome to Episode 12 of Flipped.  This podcast features Megan's interview with Damien O'Connor - editor, storyboard artist, episodic director at Brown Bag  and film-maker.

Damien has written and directed 5 short films -  'Mutt', 'Ledog', IFTA nominated 'Dick Terrapin', 'After You' and most recently the beautiful short, 'Anya' which was made in association with 'To Russia with Love' to promote not only their cause but also the positive outcomes of their work so far.

Damien has also worked as an editor on Noddy, Olivia the Pig and the Emmy nominated Octonauts. He was Retakes Supervisor on Doc McStuffins for Disney and currently works for the Oscar nominated Brown Bag film studios in Dublin


Podcast Contents

00:00 - Intro
01:25 - Interview start - College (without a Leaving Cert)
04:10 - First frameworks
05:25 - Journey to the worst place on earth
07:55 - Directing horses
08:45 - Brown Bag Films come knocking
09:35 - Learning with After You
11:40 - Learn editing
15:05 - To Russia With Love
17:07 - Making Anya
18:34 - A trip to Russia
20:12 - A message of hope
22:55 - The orphanage premiere
27:00 - Writing v directing
35:50 - Teaching
38:25 - Response to Anya
40:08 - Outro


Leanr more about to russia with Love here http://www.torussiawithlove.ie/
Text HUG 50300 to send €4 to From Russia With Love


After You

Le Dog

More of Damien's work can be seen on his vimeo page http://vimeo.com/damienoconnorReally huge thanks to Damien for taking the time to talk to us.

We hope you enjoy the podcast - let us know what you think at flippedpodcast(at)gmail.com or contact us on our facebook page

Flipped was produced by Aidan McAteer & Megan McMahon, edited by Aidan McAteer and Megan McMahon and featured music from www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com