September 25, 2013 @ 5:17 pm

Flipped Podcast #7: Darragh O’ Connell

Welcome to our 7th episode of the Flipped podcast with Director/Producer/Co-Founder at Brown Bag Films - Darragh O' Connell. In this Month's episode we cover everything from Geography class doodles, making short films on a budget to future feature films and Oscar nominations. Megan had loads of fun chatting with him about everything and anything, hope you guys enjoy and again a huge thanks to Doc for taking the time to be on the podcast.


00:01 - Intro

01:14 - Start of Interview - Tan lines

01:53 - Good aul Peig

03:48 - Brown Bags and more

06:40 - striving for original content and Irish creators

09:00 - Give Up yer aul sins

11:40 - Award nominations and what happened next ...

14:19 - LA Office  and stuff

15:55 - What worked for us (Brown Bag) business-wise

18:00 - Icehouse -  Entertainment for grown-ups

18:30 - Newsbag

20:00 - Brown Bag Digital

21:40 - Brown Bag Culture - in a petri dish

26:20 - 23 Degrees 5 minutes

29:30 - Granny O' Grimm at the Oscars

30:11 - Nightglider - First feature for Brown Bag Films?

33:31 - Education + the dream making a living in a creative industry

36:30 - Outro + Animation Art Show


23 Degrees 5 Minutes

Granny O' Grimm


For more info on MipCom the TV & Film Market, see here

Animation art Show will be held 2nd and 3rd November 2013 for more details see below

Flipped was produced by Aidan McAteer & Megan McMahon, episode 7 was edited by Megan McMahon and featured music from

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